Prince William displays signs of 'anxiety' on US trip

He is flying solo across the pond

Prince William in the US
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Prince William is currently in the United States on an official royal visit.

As part of the trip, he has met with UN secretary general António Guterres to discuss pressing environmental issues, announced the 15 Earthshot Prize finalists for 2023, and visited an iconic New York City Fire Department firehouse, so it's fair to say he's been pretty busy.

While the Prince of Wales looked like his regular competent self during these visits, he showed a little anxiousness while visiting the Billion Oyster Project, according to one body language expert.

"That left hand fiddling with his jacket forms a partial barrier ritual, suggesting William is experiencing some feelings of anxiety," Judi James told the Mirror.

"But otherwise his body language suggests a desire to look informal, un-regal and rather sweetly upbeat here. His open-mouthed, rather excited smile and wave is a show-stopper because he’s regurgitated the shy, bashful but also playful facial expression and look that he wore so much as a child.

"The wave is friendly and, again, a royal and a celebrity-free gesture, with the hand held low to connect in a more accessible, down-to-earth way."

Meanwhile, fellow body language expert Darren Stanton also picked up on William's show of nerves.

"While Kate is naturally quite confident during both solo and joint engagements, William appears more sure of himself when in the company of his wife," Darren said (via Express).

"While he still holds himself in a way that would be perceived as a confident manner to the public, gestures like placing his hands in his pockets and his smile not seeming as engaged would signal that he is feeling some manner of nerves during his solo trip."

For Darren, Kate would have made a great source of support for William if she had been able to follow him to America. However, the Princess had a series of royal engagements of her own to tend to while William is away, and is likely to want to be closer to the children as they get used to a new school year as well.

"Kate is William’s rock and we often see him letting her take the lead during their joint engagements, with the royal happy to watch on proudly as she takes charge during interactions," Darren added.

"Out solo, William takes a more reserved approach and isn’t as animated as he can be when joined by Kate."

Still, he looks like he's doing a great job.

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