Kate prepares for more solo Diana-style appearances

The Duchess of Cambridge gets ready to step into a bigger public role

The Duchess of Cambridge gets ready to step into a bigger public role

After a successful trip to Wales yesterday in honour of St David's day, the Duchess of Cambridge is coming into her own as a solo ambassador for the royal family.

Despite many solo engagements in the past, there have been rumours swirling around Buckingham Palace that Kate is being vetted to take on more of a starring role and step into the much revered shoes of her late mother-in-law Diana.

This comes after Kate and William spent the day yesterday touring the Welsh countryside, listening to local artisans and farmers explaining the ins-and-outs of Welsh agriculture and supply chains.

The trip was seen by royal commentators as an indicator that William is beginning preperations for his inevitable investiture as Prince of Wales, a role he will take over from his father on the event of the Queen's death.

The monarchy has been rocked recently by a slew of setbacks from the Queen's recent Covid diagnosis to Prince Andrew's court settlement with Virginia Giuffre in the ongoing Jeffry Epstein scandal, not to mention Prince Harry's unceremonious departure from the royal family over a year ago. With the monarch incapacitated it has fallen to Kate and William to rehabilitate the reputation of the royal family, and they have been throwing themselves into their duties with gusto.

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In her expanding role, the Duchess of Cambridge announced her first solo tour this week to Denmark. The announcement last week was overshadowed by the tragic war with Ukraine, but has been organised in order to promote Kate's Early Year Foundation charity.

Kate started the organisation in 2021, in order to highlight the importance of investing in younger children's mental development. Kate felt compelled by the cause after years of interacting with members of the public, families and particularly educational leaders and was thus inspired to "change the way people think about early childhood through fresh research."

Kate announced her Danish tour via an adorable Twitter video that showed her assembling LEGO bricks into the red-and-white Danish flag. Lego, of course, being a Danish export and a favourite of children the world over.

We wish the Duchess all the best as her role expands.

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