Why We Want To #BREAKFREE From Gender

It’s the ninth week of our #BREAKFREE campaign – and we’re tackling gender and the ways that we let it define us, with the help of our ambassador, Talulah Eve Brown...

‘Last year, so much changed for transgender people, simply because of Caitlyn Jenner. And that’s a great thing, but it still frustrates me that people think her experiences represent the rest of us. I don’t have very much money – I have two part-time jobs – and I can’t afford to just throw cash around for surgeries. When Caitlyn walks down the street, she has security by her side. When I walk down the street, I get death threats every single day. Men do chat me up, but as soon as they hear my voice, that’s it. I’ve never had a relationship, and I’ve only ever been on one date. Guys either insult me, or fetishize me – and I don’t want to be someone’s weird sex toy. All I want in the world is for somebody in the public eye to start seeing somebody who’s openly transgender. I think that would change things. I just hope that it happens soon.’

Our society upholds gender roles and double standards that hold us back. This needs to stop. Together we need to take a stand and challenge society together.

Which is why this week, we’re calling on you to #BREAKFREE from gender and sexuality. We’re asking you to accept someone for who they are and not judge them on the basis of their gender or their sexual orientation. We want you to break free from gender roles and double standards. It is instead time to embrace equality. Being a woman should mean being able to accomplish anything, and it is time that we all worked together to make that a reality.

We want opportunities and equality for all women – regardless of whether they are demisexual, transgender, straight or gay – everyone deserves a voice. We need to stand together to #BREAKFREE from the barriers that we face as women and start standing up and looking out for each other.

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