What Does Breastfeeding *Really* Look Like? This Artist Reckons We've Got It All Wrong

After seeing too many unrealistic images of women breast feeding, Suzie Blake is fighting back


After seeing too many unrealistic images of women breast feeding, Suzie Blake is fighting back

An Australian photographer is taking a stand against the mainstream portrayal of breastfeeding, by taking pictures of women in their natural - unpolished - environments.

'I feel there is a distinct lack of authenticity in images of women breastfeeding,' Suzie says on her website.

'In the media most photos are highly stylised or unrealistic; many are sheer fantasy. Whether it be the angelic mother in her clinical white perfection or some model on the front of a fashion magazine. I’m tired of images that fail to show the realities of breastfeeding.'

'This project is about portraying breastfeeding in all it’s beautiful messiness,' the mother of two explains. 'This is about tired eyes and no make up. This is about milk leaks and ratty hair. This is about giving in to all the demands of your 2 year old while you try to feed your newborn. This is about dishes pilled up in the kitchen and dirty laundry building in the corner. This is about puke on your shoulder and toys on the floor. This is about let down milk sprays in cafes and engorged breasts at the park.'

'This is about empowering women. This is about the amazing thing that only we, the women humans of this earth, can do; sustain another humans life with our own.'

'I would like all people to recognise that breastfeeding is the norm,' she adds. 'We are a mammalian species designed to feed our babies breast milk. The benefits of breastfeeding are huge and all the scientific studies assert that we and future generations will reap the benefits if breastfeeding is commonplace. Mothers need to feel supported by their family, friends, and society at large.'

Blake will be heading to the UK at the end of November and photographing British mothers.You can pledge your support by heading to her campaign here.

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