Topless model turned Italian minister condemns prostitution

Former showgirl turned Italian minister Mara Carfagna condemns women who 'sell their bodies for money'

A former topless model who is now the Italian minister for equal opportunity has come under fire from prostitutes’ representatives for condemning women who ‘sell their bodies for money’.

Launching a new law which makes street prostitution a crime and introduces fines for clients as well as women who work as prostitutes, Mara Carfagna said the trade was a ‘shameful phenomenon’.

‘As a woman it makes me shudder, I am horrified by it,’ she said. ‘I don’t understand how someone can sell their body in the street for money. But I realise that it exists and, like drugs, cannot be wiped out.’

Carla Corso, a founder of the Italian Committee for the Rights of Prostitutes, said it was ‘astounded’ by the minister’s remarks.

‘After all, the lady used her own body to get where she is today, by posing for calendars,’ she said. ‘You only have to look on the internet to see her charms.’

Ms Carfagna, who has a law degree, was a Miss Italy contestant and worked as a topless model and television showgirl before turning to politics. Since taking office in April she has spoken out against same-sex unions and abortion.

The Italian government estimates that there are up to 70,000 women working as prostitutes in Italy, many of whom are illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe and Africa.

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