The Body Shop stop human trafficking designer postcards

The Body Shop's latest campaign to protect girls from human trafficking

It’s a case of like mother, like daughter as Sam Roddick champions a new campaign close to both her and her mother’s heart – modern-day slavery.

Grab your chance to get behind the new hard-hitting campaign by snapping up The Body Shop’s set of six postcards illustrated by top graphic designer, Michael Dempsey, to highlight the plight of women and children who’ve been trafficked in to sexual slavery in the UK.

Fittingly, the campaign is launched on the day after Anita Roddick’s memorial in partnership with Sam Roddick and Emma Thompson, Chair of the Trustees for the Helen Bamber Foundation, which works to support trafficked women.

The campaign’s main aim? To persuade the Government to ratify a convention to protect the 4,000 girls each year who are forced into modern-day slavery and, ultimately, a life of misery.

Sam Roddick explains: ‘The horror of human trafficking is a subject that my mother and I discussed often over recent years, as it was an area close to my mother’s heart. An estimated 4,000 women and children are brought to the UK every year under false pretences and our society allows them to suffer utter degradation, complete loss of their human rights and all too often loss of belief in humanity.

‘We’re asking people to get on-board with this petition which calls on the UK government to ratify a convention to protect women and girls who have been trafficked into the UK. Our society destroys these women, and the very least we can do is try to rebuild them.’

The limited-edition set of cards are on sale now in The Body Shop stores nationwide. All proceeds go to The Helen Bamber Foundation.

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