‘See For Yourself’ how Oxfam donations change lives

Oxfam have launched their newest campaign to show one member of the public firsthand how your donations make a difference

Oxfam are initiating a brand new campaign called ‘See For Yourself’ and sending one lucky member of the public to see firsthand how the charity uses your donations to help those less fortunate.

Research suggests that one of the main reasons people don’t donate to Oxfam is because they don’t know where the money really goes or see the benefits their money can generate.

This initiative aims to give an honest, open account of what Oxfam does to help those suffering in countries such as Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Earlier this year Jodie Sandford, a regular donator to Oxfam, was offered the chance to travel to Zimbabwe and see how just £3 a month can transform lives and ease suffering.

Now the charity has widened this search by bringing in someone who is not a supporter so that they can see how even small contributions can help change lives.

The trip will be documented and transformed into a TV, print and online campaign, ‘See For Yourself’ launching later this year to show some of the world’s most distressing and devastating living conditions.

Oxfam’s head of public fundraising, Paul Vanags says, ‘regular donations make Oxfam’s life-changing, life-saving projects possible, but we urgently need to do more.

‘We believe the most powerful way to encourage people to give is to show them our work through the eyes of someone impartial, who’s never seen it before.’

For every £1 donated to Oxfam 83p goes to work on the ground, 7p goes towards fundraising and the remaining 10p is spent on support and governance.

For your chance to win this once in a lifetime experience visit www.oxfam.org.uk/apply before midnight on 14th June.


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