Here's how you can support the people under threat in Ukraine right now

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Today marks the passing of one year since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, on February 24 2022.

"Last year, Russia thought that the Ukrainians would obediently bow their heads, but we did not submit," Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky announced today, later calling February "the year of invincibility" and promising to continue the fight for victory.

But the war is still ongoing, and there is plenty that we can all do on an individual level to help. So if you're feeling helpless at the news, there are some actions that you can take to support people under threat in Ukraine right now.

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How can we help the people of Ukraine?

One year on since Russian forces invaded Ukraine in 2022, there is still an overwhelming communal sense of helplessness as we watch the news unfold. But from supporting Ukrainian journalism and trade, to donating to organisations working on the ground in Ukraine, there are things that we can all do on an individual level to help.

1. United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine is raising money to provide medical supplies, food and humanitarian aid on the ground for Ukrainian refugees and people that have been injured in the war.


2. Razom for Ukraine

Razom for Ukraine is collecting donations for its emergency response to provide essential services on the ground. These include delivering medical supplies, stationing volunteers, sharing vital information and translating important documents.


3. British Red Cross

The British Red Cross' Ukrainian crisis appeal is raising donations to help get Ukrainian civilians food, medicines, basic medical supplies, shelter and water.


4. Revived Soldiers Ukraine

RSU is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing essential support to the people of Ukraine on the ground, from medical aid and rehabilitation to supporting women and children.


5. Army SOS

Army SOS is an organisation using funds to provide supplies for Ukrainian soldiers, including ammunition, shields, uniforms and food.



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Support local Ukrainian brands

Amid the ongoing war, and despite the air raid sirens and missile attacks, Ukrainian brands and designers continue to create, and as people look for ways to support the people of Ukraine, why not invest in a piece from a Ukrainian designer and help local trade.

"This is our resistance," a host of Ukrainian designers announced this week at Ukrainian Fashion Week, held this year in London due to the war. "To create in spite of everything. Despite working in the most unstable and difficult conditions, under the sounds of air sirens... Together with our teams, we continue to work on the collections. 

"We know that all of this is for the sake of our common peaceful future. For the sake of inviting all of you next season to our show in liberated and free Ukraine. We will never destroy, but we will always create."


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Support local Ukrainian journalism

There has never been a more important time to support Ukrainian journalism. This can be done by donating to Ukrainian publications that are reporting on the ground, namely the Kyiv Independent and the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Alternatively, you can also donate to the International Press Institute, an organisation that protects journalism globally.

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