There’s a reason restaurant staff sit you by the door

Apparently, we should be flattered

(Image credit: REX/Shutterstock)

Apparently, we should be flattered

The internet is brimming with undiscovered truths, and real reasons. From why you shouldn't share earphones, to the real reason you want to squish cute babies and animals.

And now, the tactics behind restaurant seating it out...

It’s really really really difficult not to be slightly annoyed when restaurant staff sit you by the door, right?

It’s so gosh darn draughty.

However, according to a Channel Four documentary series, Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, we should apparently be flattered if deemed special enough to sit right up front.

That’s right, flattered. Because according to a mini-experiment conducted for the show, restaurant staff will sit their best looking customers as close to the entrance as possible.

Chef Simon Rimmer who owns two restaurants in Cheshire said: ‘Every restaurant has a golden table where they sit the best looking customers. A restaurant’s clientele give off a certain message about the place.

‘Good looking customers attract more people and make you more cash so you sit them where they can be seen.’

Another restaurant owner, Neil Gill, confirmed: ‘Everybody likes to associate themselves with cool people and good looking people.

‘You want to feel like you are eating in a restaurant where there are other cool people.'

Okay, but we'd rather be warm.

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