Who Deleted Me? Get Notified When Facebook Contacts Unfriend You With This App

Find out who's missing from your Facebook friend list

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City: The Movie
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Find out who's missing from your Facebook friend list

Here’s a thing you’ll never see in your Facebook news feed: alerts and updates on the contacts that have deleted you since your last visit.

The social media platform probably doesn’t want to make you feel sad and paranoid, which is considerate. However, this is information that we would really appreciate having at our fingertips.

If Jane from school unfriends us on a Thursday afternoon we would like to be the first to know. So we can make our peace instantly, by recording our feelings in The Burn Book. It’s a pain to figure it out the long way when we try and look at Jane’s wedding pictures two years from now and realise our access is denied.

Here’s the good news: it has just been brought to our attention that there is an app able to notify you when a (former) friend deletes you on Facebook. Who Deleted Me is free and recently debugged and updated – available as an Android app as well as a Chrome and Firefox plug-in.

This is how it works: you log in to the app and your friend list is saved, from then on Who Deleted Me will automatically monitor your Facebook contact list from time to time. Then, if your friend count drops the app lets you know who is now missing. The notification will include confirmation of whether the person in question deleted you or just deactivated their account.

For example, the app landing screen will say ‘You have… 2 missing friends, 1 deactivated friend' and let you click through to find out who.

The app also alerts you to the happier news of who you’re making not breaking connections with.

Unfortunately, it can’t give you any backdated information – so you’ll only know who has unfriended you going forward from the moment you install the app.

You can also keep tabs on who you have deleted. This is, of course, a two way street. Burn, baby.

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