Women are sharing the weirdest things that happen to their bodies (and it’s brilliant)

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  • You're not the only one suffering

    Even if you don’t have children, it’s safe to say that everyone loves Mumsnet. It provides some seriously funny/relatable discussions, but we’re loving one thread in particular at the moment. Titled ‘Weird things your body does, and you wonder if it happens to others too‘, women from all over the web are coming together to discuss exactly that. Prepare yourself for this very visceral thread that will make you feel a bit better about your own body…

    The thread all started with one woman posting about her ‘nervous fanny’ – that horrible anxious feeling that shoots right through your body and down to your vag. ‘What weird sh** does your body do?’ the user wrote, ‘Confess.’ And so began the hilarious thread, with women adding the weird (and sometimes freaky) things their bodies do into the mix.

    One user posted: ‘I also have vibrating fanjo syndrome – my vulva buzzes like I have a mobile phone ringing on vibrate down my knickers and I can assure you I do not have a mobile phone down my knickers…

    ‘I sometimes have buzzing arse cheeks too’ she added. This gives vibrating knickers a whole new meaning.

    ‘When I pinch a certain area on my left aerola I feel it on the outside of my right thigh – just as if someone’s pinching there. Never admitted to that before cause I’m sure it’s not normal!’ another wrote.

    Topics ranged from weird twitchy eyes, burning sensations on various parts of the body. Some, like this example from ‘gremlindolphin’ were particularly interesting.

    ‘If I haven’t had sex for a week or so I start having orgasms in my sleep! Not the kind of thing you talk about in real life so I don’t know if other people have them too! They are real because they wake me up. Anyone?!’


    There’s nothing quite so reassuring as finding out there are other people out there living with the same bodily quirks as you. Thank goodness for Mumsnet, eh?

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