What Are Your #WeddingRegrets?

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  • If you’re planning your wedding, consider this...

    If you’re planning your wedding, consider this:

    You’ve found the perfect dress. You look absolutely beautiful, and there’s no denying it. But it’s above your set price limit, so you put it back on the rack and settle for a similar, but not so stunning dress. A few years later, you and your hubby look back on your wedding pictures, but instead of reminiscing, all you can think about is that darn dress you should have bought.

    According to a new study conducted by jeweller Vashi Dominguez, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, you’d be the one in the 32 per cent of all UK brides who regret and even ‘cringe’ at the sight of their wedding dress.

    And if you weren’t happy with how the photo album turned out, you’d be part of the third of women who wished they had a different photographer.

    Vashi’s survey of 1,000 women reveals some pretty shocking statistics about our wedding regrets. Your wedding is supposed to be a momentous occasion that you’ll remember and treasure forever. But, according his study, your memories probably won’t all be positive.

    One quarter of brides wish they’d opted for a different ring. 38 per cent wish they had done their hair and make up differently. The biggest regret of all is the best man’s speech. Too many inappropriate jokes can cause unfortunate and unforgettable embarrassment.

    Do you have any wedding regrets? Let us know in the comment box below, or let us know @marieclaireuk using the hashtag #weddingregrets.

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