No-Show Wedding Guests Get Sent Invoice For The Meals They Didn’t Eat

Jessica Baker was sent an invoice for food she didn't eat, at a friends wedding she didn't go to...

Wedding guest invoice
Wedding guest invoice
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Jessica Baker was sent an invoice for food she didn't eat, at a friends wedding she didn't go to...

We know weddings can get stressful and expensive but surely this is just ridiculous?

A woman has been sent an invoice from a disgruntled couple after she and her husband were unable to attend their wedding at the last minute.

Jessica Baker from Minnesota in the US was getting ready to attend the wedding a couple of weeks ago when her mother, who was supposed to be babysitting her children that day, called at the last minute and cancelled.

The wedding invitation had stated no children so Jessica and her husband couldn’t go.

Jessica was shocked to open her post this week and find a detailed invoice for the amount of $75.90 (approx £50) for two orders of ‘Herb Crusted Walleye’ that read:

‘This cost reflects the amount paid by bride and groom for meals that were RSVPed for, reimbursement and explanation for no-show, card, call or text would be appreciated.’

Confusing grammar aside, it looks like not only do the couple want financial recompense for the uneaten meals but also some sort of explanation for why the guests did not attend.


Everyone knows that wedding guest lists are a moveable feast that can and do fluctuate – even on the day itself. Who hasn’t had that awkward moment when your estranged uncle turns up with his 20-year-old “girlfriend” and makes your grandma cry?

Do you think Kim and Kanye invoiced Rob Kardashian when he dropped out of their $12 million Italian nuptials before they’d even made it to Florence? Doubt it.

Did Speidi ask LC to cough up for her uneaten fillet mignon when she bowed out of their fairytale reception at Social Hollywood? We don’t think so.

Jessica told local news outlet KARE 11 that she has no plans to pay the invoice. Quite right too.

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