Wearing Red Lipstick Could Make You Look Younger

Scientists say it increases facial contrast

Red Lipstick
Red Lipstick
(Image credit: REX)

Scientists say it increases facial contrast

Wearing red lipstick could make you look younger, according to new research.

Scientists have found red lipstick could increase facial contrast between facial features and the surrounding skin, therefore making you look younger.

The research, published in journal PLOS ONE, saw experts measure facial contrast in 289 images of caucasian women aged between 20 and 70.

Several volunteers were then asked to guess the age of 150 of the women in the pictures.

Then the team manipulated the facial features of the women to create new images - one with more facial contrast and one with less. Volunteers thought the women with more facial contrast looked younger.

Researchers say bright red lips and rosy cheeks could amplify the facial contrast and make women appear younger.

Female faces also have greater facial contrast than men's.



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