Want to know if your relationship will last? Well now there’s an app for that

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  • Welcome to 2016

    As many of those in relationships will know, there are days in which you try and look at it objectively and wonder whether it will actually go anywhere.

    Will you end up marrying and living happily ever after? Or will the way your partner breathes a little too heavily, needs the windows open during the winter, and tells the same anecdote every time you meet new people, eventually grind your romance down to oblivion, leaving you no choice but to part?

    Five rules for a happy relationship

    Well, an app called StayGo might just provide (or y’know, not) the answers you’re looking for on whether your relationship will last or is doomed to fail.

    The free app, uses scientific data about what makes a relationship work in the long term. You need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire that assesses the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship, your overall satisfaction and any potential relationship altering clashes.

    And just in case you can’t trust your own opinion on how things are, you can also invite friends and family to get involved to anonymously reveal what they think about your relationship.

    (Or potentially just judge you both and get loads off their chest that they’ve never had the guts to soberly say to your face.)

    Are your relationship standards too high?

    If you weren’t keen on trusting the opinions on those closest to you, then there are other random users who can also stick their ores in, too.

    Plus, you can continually update StayGo with how you’re feeling, to keep track of your happiness over the months, which in theory sounds like a good idea, but in practice, would you only ever put the update in when you were blissfully happy or in the depths of relationship misery? Just a thought.

    So there you have it: Don’t turn to your emotions and feelings when questioning your relationship, just let an app do it. Urgh.

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