This Medical Drama Mash-Up Featuring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie Is Epic

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  • Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and his razor-sharp team of comedy whizz kids we get to watch this mix-and-match medical reunion of dreams, on repeat. It’s billed as an ER reunion, but that’s not exactly what’s delivered…

    ER’s George Clooney and House’s Hugh Laurie share the stage for a skit that involves CPR and an unforgettable rendition of The Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 classic, Rapper’s Delight.

    Let’s take a moment to rewind and remember how divine George Clooney was as Dr Doug Ross in ER, circa 1998. Sometimes dear Douggie seemed untrustworthy, and sure, he was kind of troubled and complicated but he REALLY cared about saving lives. When he would burst into the emergency room with a child in his arms we felt so many emotions. Plus, let’s just say he really suited those scrubs.

    House’s cantankerous genius Dr Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie, will always hold a special place in our hearts too. His methods were often unconventional, he clashed with everyone and could definitely have smiled more and worked on his steely bedside manner. But his brain left you awe-struck and he had this ridiculously attractive vulnerable-maverick thing going on.

    The concept of the Jimmy Kimmel sketch? ‘We tried our best to put together an E.R.

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