You Can Now Do An Actual Degree In Game Of Thrones

Yep, you can now study the HBO series at college – err, where do we sign up?

Game of Thrones L
Game of Thrones L

Yep, you can now study the HBO series at college – err, where do we sign up?

Today in news-that-shouldn’t-be-happening-but-is-actually-happening there is now an actual Game Of Thrones degree.

Full disclaimer, the course isn't entirely dedicated to the show but students at the University of British Colombia are being given the chance to study the works of George R. R. Martin in a Spring 2016 module entitled, 'Our Modern Medieval: The Song of Ice and Fire as contemporary Medievalism.'

The aim of the course, apparently, is to provide English Literature students with a greater understanding of how the medieval fits into ‘the popular consciousness of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.’

That all sounds very high brow but in actual fact part of the course also involves watching the HBO series. Sounds like our type of class if we're honest. However, literary professors have stipulated that you’ve got to get to grips with reading the books, too.

Has anyone made a Spark Notes page for Game of Thrones yet?

‘The course will involve the reading of the five books (thus far) of the series, and the watching of the five seasons of the HBO series. Please make sure you’ve read these BEFORE the course begins, as it will problematic to try to catch up if you have not done so,' the syllabus reads.

We’re guessing that using Netflix as a study tool probably won’t suffice, then.

This course isn’t the first of its kind and comes after the University of Virginia introduced a four-week ‘discussion based seminar’ on the hit HBO series in 2014.

We're sure that super-student-fans will be signing up for these classes in the US as filming for the sixth season of the medieval fantasy show started in July 2015 - but won't be hitting our screens for a while. George R.R. Martin’s also been teasing us with the release date for his eagerly-anticipated sixth book The Winds of Winter which has been four years in the making.

At this rate we'll be enrolling in one of these degrees just to get our fix.

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