The sweet reason Duchess Kate might not be in her sister Pippa’s wedding

Strong emphasis on the 'might'

Strong emphasis on the 'might'

When we first read the news that Duchess Kate might (strong emphasis on the might) not be part of her sister Pippa’s upcoming wedding party, we assumed it may be due to some antiquated rule about Duchesses not being allowed to participate in non-royal weddings or something.

Because there’s no reason Kate wouldn’t want be part of her sister/BFF’s wedding, right?

Turns out there might be a reason, and it’s actually kind of sweet: Kate’s reportedly worried about taking attention away from Pippa on her big day. You know, with the whole being a world-famous Duchess and future Queen of England thing?

We can’t imagine Kate will actually opt out, especially since Pippa was such a stunning Maid of Honour in Kate’s wedding. It kind of makes us sad knowing that Kate might not be able to return the favour.

Also, if Pippa’s gorgeous, gigantic engagement ring is any indication, her wedding is going to be a truly extravagant affair. Having a future queen as the Matron of Honour will just make it that much more, well, regal.

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