#HolidayTime: These Photos Of The Most Instagrammed Cities In The World Will Give You Wanderlust

The results might surprise you...


The results might surprise you...

As if we needed another excuse to peruse Skyscanner and dream of ice-white beaches and city breaks, the world's top 50 holiday destinations (according to their popularity on Instagram) have been revealed.

Travel booking site Hoppa has determined the 50 most travelled-to tourist destinations in the world by examining 1,000 Instagram photos per location and sorting them in an assortment of social categories including: selfies, scenery, food, shopping, food and er, sexually suggestive shots.

The most Instagrammed shots within each category, and overall, were then examined to determine where's hot on the social media site.

Interestingly, the world's most popular photos according to Instagram are nearly all comprised of all cities; NYC takes the top spot for the most photographed destination overall, with 52 million shots posted, closely followed by 47 million pics snapped of London, 41 million of Paris, 37 million of Dubai, and 27 million of Los Angeles.

However, Hoppa has distinguished between the most popular place in terms of photographs and 'likes' - even though Los Angeles was only the 5th most Instagrammed destination, the city of sunshine was deemed the most 'liked' on the micro-blogging site overall, followed by Bangkok.

Source: instagram/peteyviews

In comparison, the most popular destination for selfies is London, whereas Los Angeles has been awarded the title of the place with the most sexually suggestive selfies. (As it's famously full of honed and toned A-listers posing in the sun, we aren't really surprised).

Hoppa also revealed the most photographed destination for couples, is (unsurprisingly) Paris which is otherwise known as the 'city of love', followed by picture-perfect Milan, Madrid, Venice and Vienna.

Source: instagram/sofiguafer

And if you're into taking pics of your dinner, you might want to head to Asia; Phuket in Thailand nabbed the top spot as the world's most popular destination for food 'grams and headed up a list of Asian cities which also included Shanghai, Beijing and Pattaya.

The Top 5 Most Instagrammed Destinations For Photos Overall: 1. New York City (52 million photos) 2. London (47 million photos) 3. Paris (41 million photos) 4. Dubai (37 million photos) 5. Los Angeles (27 million photos)

The Top 5 Most Likes Destinations On Instagram Overall: 1. Los Angeles 2. Bangkok 3. London 4. Tapei City 5. Miami

The Top 5 Most Instagrammed Destinations For Couples: 1. Paris 2. Milan 3. Madrid 4. Venice 5. Vienna

The Top 5 Most Instagrammed Destinations For Food: 1. Phuket 2. Shanghai 3. Guangzhou 4. Bejing 5. Pattaya


Will you be choosing your next holiday based on how popular a post is on Instagram? It might sound shallow but as we're all glued to our phones 24/7, comparing each other's holiday snaps (read: stalking) it's likely this info might influence us more than we think...

In case you're still unconvinved, check out our gallery of the most popular desintations on Instagram right now.

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