Scorned wife sells rival's knickers on eBay

Woman puts husband's lover's knickers for sale on eBay

Black ebay knickers
Black ebay knickers

Woman puts husband's lover's knickers for sale on eBay

A woman has sought revenge on her cheating husband by selling his lover's underwear on eBay.

Along with an empty condom wrapper, 'size small', the photograph on the auction site features a pair of black, lacy knickers and an ad that reads: 'Empty Ansell condom packet (size small) and a photo of The Tart's black lacy knickers (size humongous)'.

The items have been placed on the site by an Australian woman named Annastella who reveals she discovered the items in the bed she has shared with her husband of 22 years.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned rings true as Anna also plans to auction her ex-husband's Harley motorbike too for a mere 99cents (46p). She describes the motorcycle as his 'pride and joy'.

The black knickers were originally up for sale too, however eBay asked Anna to remove them from the site as selling second-hand underwear is against their policy.

'Personally, I did think 99cents was a bit ambitious,' writes Anna of the lingerie. 'But as they are so huge, I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or even better, something for Halloween perhaps.'

Bitter to the core, Anna goes into detail on the site why she is selling her rival's knickers, saying she caught her husband out when he accidentally sent her a text intended for his lover.

In desperation the husband claimed he used the condom to fish his mobile phone out of the loo and that black knickers were under his pillow because he was in fact, a closet transvestite.

'10 out of 10 for trying buddy but you're out of here…' announced Anna. Revenge is sweet.

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