How the #SaveHerSeat campaign is empowering girls across the globe to stay in education

right to play saveherseat campaign

Right now, there are 129 million girls out of school worldwide. The coronavirus pandemic has had a disastrous impact on vulnerable girls across the globe, with those already facing poverty and discrimination at further risk of leaving school forever and unable to continue their education due to school closures, economic anxiety and social pressures.

Currently, UNESCO estimates that 11 million more girls will be forced to leave their schooling behind for good - something that Right To Play is actively fighting against with their #SaveHerSeat campaign.

The initiative aims to support girls to continue to stay in school by giving them the confidence, knowledge and safe spaces they require for success and providing them with access to the education they deserve.

Right To Play has been working internationally to support children in schools for over twenty years, reaching 2.35 million children across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Canada. By creating positive and safe environments for young people who are affected by political instability, disease, war and abuse, they hope to provide children with the tools they need to succeed, provide rich and engaging learning experiences and offer confidence to those overcoming unbelievable obstacles.

With girls making up 75% of all children who are out of schooling, they believe that reserving a girl's seat at school is imperative to helping her create a bright future, and £30 could ensure a seat for a student for a full academic year.

In support of the campaign, the UK government will match every £1 that is donated before 30th June, ensuring that even more girls around the world will benefit from the initiative.

Click here to donate, and visit for more information.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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