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Saturday Night Live did a Brexit sketch – and you have to see it

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  • The sketch featured Emmy-winning actress Kate McKinnon as Theresa May, Matt Damon as David Cameron, and a special cameo...

    Regardless of your political persuasion, the way Brexit has gone down has been a national disaster. From backstops to borders, no one is sure what exactly has been achieved in the last eighteen months, except that Britain is not in great shape right about now.

    It seems that last week’s failed attempt at a vote of no confidence in Theresa May was the last straw. Now, the USA is paying attention to the whole sorry situation… and when the USA is mocking your political system, you’re probably in trouble.

    On last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon introduced us to her take on Theresa, complete with a spot-on impression of that robot dance. Taking the form of an alternative Queen’s Speech, the ‘Happy Christmas Britain’ sketch sees Theresa May joined by original Brexiteer David Cameron hosting a talk show centring on the events of the last week. See the video here:

    While McKinnon’s emotionless delivery of depressing-but-true lines such as ‘My Brexit deal is falling apart, I nearly got voted out and no one in the world likes me at all’ and ‘Ah, the sound of a brick through my window means it’s time for our first guest’ is spot on, it’s Matt Damon as David Cameron who steals the show.

    From declaring that he’s just been ‘floating around the Maldives’, to casually suggesting that Theresa should maybe try to make ‘a deal’ it seems like the SNL team have got an excellent handle on the former PM’s blasé approach.

    Of course, in typical SNL style, the sketch goes from the sublime to the ridiculous with the introduction of Lord Voldemort in the final scenes. However, when the fictional übervillain awkwardly requests that May does not ‘lump [she and him] together’ as it would be bad PR, the mood of the nation is summed up.

    The killer line? Damon’s David Cameron telling ‘Theresa’, ‘You what’s funny? People hate me, but they really hate you, even though I’m the one who did Brexit. I mean, you’ve got to laugh.’

    Let’s be honest, fake Cameron has a point: it’s either that, or cry.

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