If you have one of these rare 50p coins, it could be worth thousands

Get looking behind every single sofa

fifty pence piece

Get looking behind every single sofa

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The new pound coin is finally in circulation. Its twelve sides and brilliant new features were exciting at first, but by now we've we've all seen one in real life.

Since it came to light that the new £1 coins could actually be costing you money, everyone has been digging behind the sofa to find their old gold coins after finding out how much they are really worth (hint: it's a lot). But it might be more worthwhile to get checking your fifty pence pieces instead.

One of the most valuable 50p coins is the Kew Gardens design which can fetch up to £100 on Ebay, with the cost expected to rise over the next few months. This is largely due to the fact that only 210,000 were produced by The Royal Mint, compared to other designs that have been made by the millions.

However, if you want to make some serious money from your silvers, then the one you want is the rare original 2012 Olympics aquatic coin. Only 600 of them were made before the design changed, meaning that if you own the coin with an image of a swimmer with water passing over his face it could sell for up to £3,000.

fifty pence

If you have neither of the above, you can still make some money from your fifty pence pieces. The football, triathlon, judo and wrestling coins from the 2012 Olympics earn between £8 and £15 on Ebay.

Here is the list of most valuable fifty pence pieces, so if you find one in your purse make sure you keep hold of it...

fifty pence pieces

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