This is how to spot how much your £1 coin is really worth

Good idea to start checking every purse and pocket...

Good idea to start checking every purse and pocket...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The British currency is on a bit of a shake-up spree. Back in September we were presented with the new, indestructible five pound notes, and when it became apparent that they could be worth up to £50,000, naturally no one wanted to part with them.

Last month, the Royal Mint confirmed that your two pound coin could also be worth a small fortune if it contains this tiny mistake.

But if you never managed to get hold of a rare Jane Austen fiver, or your £2 coins are just regular and mistake-free, fear not. You could be quids in if you have any of these £1 coins.

Here are the 24 types of pound coins that are currently in circulation.

But how do you know what each is worth?

Well the numismatics over at have created this very handy list that organises the varying designs by worth.

The rarer the coin, the higher up it is on the scarcity index. So if you’re in possession of the Edinburgh City, Cardiff City or London City £1 coin you could be set to make a little money.

The Edinburgh piece is selling for as much as £34, the Cardiff coin for £20 and the London coin is going for £10.

Not bad for bit of change.

However, if you don’t have any of the valuable ones you’ve got five weeks before the new 12-sided £1 coin comes in to replace the traditional golden circle.

So we suggest you get digging behind the sofa, pronto.

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