Rainbow foods are *definitely* a thing now - and these 9 will blow your mind

The food trend we never knew we wanted (but really love)

Rainbow food n.jpg
Rainbow food n.jpg

The food trend we never knew we wanted (but really love)

It's official. The world (and internet) have gone rainbow mad - and the proof is in the rainbow pudding, quite literally.

Never heard of rainbow food? Well, you're about to - as everything from cheese toasties to lattes are getting the rainbow treatment. Once th preserve of cakes and sweets, rainbow food is when someone takes the humdrum normal foods we eat everyday, and makes it look as if a rainbow has thrown up on it - using dyes, creativity and technique to give us the aesthetically pleasing look of an edible rainbow.

The love of every Instagrammer and food blogger around - there's just something about a perfectly executed rainbow-coloured eat. The cascading ombre effect of colours seeping into each other is so Insta-worthy, it's no wonder that as soon as these rainbow foods come to be, they are an insta(nt) hit on social media.

Well to honour this new rainbow food era, we've rounded up the best rainbow foods for your viewing pleasure.


Source: Cartoon Network via DailyDot.com

Rainbow milkshake

Source: Instagram.com/HungrayBetch

Rainbow pancakes

Source: Instagram.com/Judiiiixo

Rainbow grilled cheese

Source: Instagram.com/KalaToast

So far, only available in Kala Toast in Hong Kong, the rainbow grilled cheese toastie has caught on like a house on fire with many in awe of its colours - which also happen to each taste of a different flavour (blue is lavender, green is basil etc.)

Rainbow bagel

Source: Instagram.com/TheBagelStore

So pretty you almost don't want to eat it... Almost.

Rainbow coffee

Source: Instagram.com/IBrewCoffee

The creation of Mason Salisbury in Las Vegas, the rainbow coffee is created by adding food dye to your cuppa aftter steaming the milk. And hey ho, presto - stunning rainbow art. Such is the multi-coloured eats popularity that Salisbury has gained 17,800 Insta-followers. Talk about the power of the rainbow.

Rainbow sushi

Source: Instagram.com/StarrCharms

Even food we didn't even think about turning rainbow have gone colourful.

Rainbow cheesecake

Source: Instagram.com/Sucreshop

Could you even?

Rainbow shaved ice

Source: Instagram.com/Kozuiii

Gorgeous AND refreshing. We may have reached peak rainbow consumption.

Rainbow cake

Source: Instagram.com/FullySweet

And the one that started it all... Who didn't wish for a rainbow cake for at least one birthday?

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