Princess Kate was "very nervous" to open up about mum guilt

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The Princess of Wales is one of the most powerful members of the royal family, using her influence to reach and support people all over the world.

Her podcast debut in 2020 is a prime example of this, with Kate appearing as a guest on Happy Mum, Happy Baby to talk motherhood and break down barriers around it with host Giovanna Fletcher.

During the podcast, Kate opened up about issues that needed attention, from the difficulties of pregnancy and her own experience with severe morning sickness to Prince William's feeling of helplessness. She also spoke about the terrifying post-birth photo call on the Lindo Wing steps and most notably "mum guilt" - something she said every mother experiences.

"Even this morning, coming to the nursery visit here, George and Charlotte were like, 'Mummy how could you possibly not be dropping us off at school this morning?' There’s such a pull, but I am such a hands-on mum, and whatever you’re doing you want to make sure you’re doing the uttermost best job you can for your children," the then Duchess of Cambridge told Fletcher.

"You hear it time and time again from mums. Even mums who aren’t necessarily working, aren’t pulled in the directions of having to juggle work life and family life – there’s always something. And [you are] always sort of questioning your own decision, and your own judgements, and things like that, and I think it starts from the moment you have a baby."

This week, Fletcher has opened up about the filming of her and Kate's podcast episode in an interview with OK!, recalling: "I have to say, we both went into that podcast very nervous."

She continued: "Knowing whatever you say is going to be taken and dissected must be really difficult. It must be hard to navigate how much to share and whether the person you’re talking to can be trusted. I felt honoured to be given that chance."

Thankfully, it was well received and is still credited with being one of the most important appearances the now Princess of Wales has done to date.

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