Posters slamming Boris Johnson have appeared all over the tube

But what do they say?

Boris Johnson

But what do they say?

Boris Johnson would be wise to avoid public transport this week – as ‘FCK BORIS’ posters slamming Tory party policies have appeared on the London Underground.

An anonymous group of women are trying to educate people about what they believe is the real truth about Tory policies, and to highlight the government’s hypocrisy.

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking the posters were part of the government’s Get Ready For Brexit campaign (they've been appearing all over the UK) - but these posters read quite differently.

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“Did you know… 85 per cent of the UK population are worried about climate change. July 2019 was the hottest recorded month ever. Boris’ leadership campaign received its largest donation of £25,000 from ‘Britain’s leading climate denial group’ Bristol Port. #fckboris,” reads one.

Another says, 'Did you know... NHS patient waiting lists are the longest ever recorded, they have doubled under the Tories. Boris isn't giving our hospitals a penny. #fckboris'.

'Did you know... Tory funding cuts to women’s refuges mean they now turn 50 per cent of people away,' reads another.

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The group - named Fck Gvt Fck Boris - is formed by seven friends, most of whom are under 30 and from BAME backgrounds. The name inspiration came from rapper Stormzy's Vossi Bop lyric.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the group proudly uploaded photos of their posters, writing, 'Spreading #KickBorisOut facts on the tube if you want to see more of these across the country, donate to our crowdfunder (link in bio) #FckBoris'.

Each poster also features a QR code, which takes anyone who scans it directly to the government’s voter registration site. This is to encourage young people to vote, a move particularly important now we may be having a general election on 12 December.

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