Instagram's most popular dog breed has officially been revealed

And we couldn't have called it...

dog names

And we couldn't have called it...

Nothing divides the internet like a dog breed ranking, with every owner wanting to believe that theirs is the top dog.

That was proved this week, as MyVoucherCodes revealed the most popular dogs on Instagram, based upon hashtags relating to each breed, and we couldn't have predicted the results.

French Bulldogs came out victorious, being the focus of 39.2 million hashtags, followed by Pugs, Chihuahuas, English Bulldogs and Labrador Retrievers.

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1. French Bulldog (39.2million hashtags)

2. Pug (29.3million hashtags)

3. Chihuahua (27.7 million hashtags)

4. English Bulldog (24.7million hashtags)

5. Labrador Retriever (19.1million hashtags)

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6. Golden Retriever (18.7million hashtags)

7. Siberian Husky (17.8million hashtags)

8. Dachshund (17.2million hashtags)

9. Pomeranian (15.5million hashtags)

10. Yorkshire Terrier (14.9 million hashtags)

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11. Standard Poodle (13.3 million hashtags)

12. Beagle (12.8 million hashtags)

13. Shiba Inu (11.8 million hashtags)

14. Shih Tzu (11.5 million hashtags)

15. Border Collie (10.9 million hashtags)

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16. Jack Russell (10.5 million hashtags)

17. Boston Terrier (9.6 million hashtags)

18. Staffordshire Bull Terrier (7.6 million hashtags)

19. Australian Shepherd (7.3 million hashtags)

20. Boxer (6.9 million hashtags)

Next came Maltese dogs (6.7 million hashtags), Rottweilers (4.8 million hashtags), Toy Poodles (5.6 million hashtags), Great Danes (3.4 million hashtags) and Golden Doodle (4.2 million hashtags).

Then came West Highland White Terriers (2.8 million hashtags), Labradoodles (2.3 million hashtags), Bull Terriers (3.3 million hashtags) and Shetland Sheepdogs (1.5 million hashtags).

Cue a lot of angry dog owners whose pet breeds didn’t make the list! Ahem, Spaniels.

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