Peer Asks To ‘Change Royal Succession Law For Children Of A Lesbian Queen’

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  • Lord True believes royal heir should be product of heterosexual marriage and wants bill to define those terms

    The Succession to the Crown Bill, currently being put to parliament, has sparked further questions about the future of succession to the British throne.

    According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Conservative peer Lord True raised concerns in parliament on Wednesday, urging that laws need to be amended. as same-sex marriages become more widespread and artificial insemination becomes more advanced.

    Although not opposed to gay marriage, Lord True firmly believes a royal heir should be the product of a heterosexual marriage and that a bill should explicitly define these terms.

    He argued that legislation needs to be put in place to stop the succession of a potential heir born from ‘an egg implanted with a sperm donor’ by a ‘lesbian queen.’

    The peer’s hypothesis of a ‘lesbian queen in a same-sex marriage’ bearing an heir to the throne through artificial insemination was quickly dismissed with True withdrawing his amendment. However he did note that whilst ‘this may seem fanciful or long in the future…I believe the question will inevitably arise.’

    The Succession To The Crown Bill is still being debated by parliament; a legislation that would ensure that the first-born child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, be it male or female, would inherit the throne.


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