The world reacts to the Nice terrorist attack


French Flag
French Flag
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Bastille Day ended in tragedy this year when a white lorry ploughed into revellers along a promenade in the southern French city of Nice, killing at least 84 and injuring a further 50 people. 10 of the victims have been confirmed as children.

The driver, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian man named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, continued for 2km before being shot dead by police. He is reported to have zigzagged across the street in an attempt to run down as many bystanders as possible.

This third attack within 18 months in France came after a firework display to celebrate the country’s national holiday.

The State of Emergency imposed after the November attack in Paris has now been extended, with French President François Hollande saying that this recent episode was of 'an undeniable terrorist nature'.

Taking to twitter, he reassured people: 'France is mournful, devastated, but she is strong and will always be stronger than the fanatics that want to strike her today.'

It’s a sentiment which has been echoed across the internet, with the hashtag #noussommesunis – ‘we are united’ – trending on Twitter.

Other world leaders also took to the social network to express their support and condolences, including Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: ‘Canadians are shocked by tonight's attack in Nice. Our sympathy is with the victims, and our solidarity with the French people.’

From the UK, the new British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he was 'shocked and saddened by the appalling events in Nice, and the terrible loss of life.'

Alongside politicians, countless other celebrities have shown their support online such as Lady Gaga, Josh Gad and Kim Kardashian.

In an emotional tweet, Lady Gaga said: ‘I am praying for you France. When u open your eyes and see chaos, we will close our eyes and see harmony. We are with you.’

Justin Timberlake meanwhile summed up the overriding sentiment of shock and sadness by simply tweeting #PrayforNice – one of the hashtags trending in the wake of the attack.

As France comes to terms with yet another devastating attack, French PM Manuel Valls has announced a three day period of national mourning. Our thoughts are with them all.

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