Netflix has some MAJOR news…

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  • This changes everything

    It’s official! Offline Netflix viewing is now a thing. It’s real. It’s here. Our commutes thank you, Netflix. Oh, and they’re going to be focussing on reality shows next year, bringing 20 unscripted series to the table, as well as 1,000 hours of original shows. (Oh hi.)

    On September 10th, we wrote…

    If you’re a fan of Netflix original series such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, or, more recently, Stranger Things, then we have some great news. It looks as though the amount of original series is going to increase.

    Netflix’s CEO David Wells announced that Netflix is aiming to have 50% of its content as original programming over the next few years. That’s right: That means that half of everything on Netflix will be original productions.

    According to Variety, Netflix are ‘one third to halfway’ reaching this target, adding that ‘We don’t necessarily have to have home runs… We can also live with singles, doubles and triples especially commensurate with their cost.’

    What’s more, we don’t need to worry about adverts ruining our Netflix binges: ‘There’s no immediate plans for an ad-supported product… The Netflix brand stands for no advertising.’

    We can’t wait to see what Netflix will bring us next!

    On 27th June, we wrote…

    It looks like Netflix is going to offer users offline viewing by the end of the year and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

    Yep, you heard us right: it won’t be long before you can watch all your favourite programmes like Orange is the New Black, Making a Murderer and House of Cards on your way to work, on your way home from work, and at home. The Netflix cycle will now never have to end.

    According to various sources from the technology industry, Netflix are working to introduce the feature in the coming months, taking our Netflix binge-watching game to a whole new level.

    Speaking to Fortune, Dan Taitz, chief operating officer at Penthera, a company which sells software to streaming video providers, laid out his thoughts on the potential new Netflix proposition.

    ‘From industry sources, I know that Netflix is out in the market negotiating to get download rights in addition to streaming rights,’ Taitz told Fortune.

    ‘Content providers are getting asked that now from Netflix so [Netflix] can offer a download service.’

    It really is about time this happened to be honest – we’ve been able to watch BBC iPlayer offline since 2012, and Amazon Prime jumped on the bandwagon last year.

    It’s worth noting that this feature might not be available for all shows straight away: Gizmondo have reported that Netflix will likely need agreement from studios before they can offer their shows for download.

    Either way, this is still pretty huge new and we’re literally counting down the days.

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