Mystery Fat Duck illness has stricken 400

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  • Investigation into cause of sickess continues at the Fat Duck restaurant

    When celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal shut his restaurant The Fat Duck last week as a precaution, he said only a small number of customers had come forward complaining of vomiting and diarrhoea after eating there.

    Official estimates then suggested that around 40 people had been affected, but health inspectors have told the Daily Mail that they are still

    investigating a ‘major sickness outbreak’ at the Michelin-starred restaurant in Bray, Berkshire.

    And the TV chef is estimated to have now lost an estimated £100,000 in takings and the number of diners said to have fallen ill after eating at the Fat Duck has risen to 400.

    The mystery as to the cause of the sickess deepens — environmental health officers and Health Protection Agency (HPA) staff have begun further tests on the premises.

    Blumenthal, who thought he’d be able to reopen after a few days, was said to be ‘upset and frustrated’ after being forced to delay the re-opening of his restaurant because tests have so far failed to identify the cause.

    Experts are looking at contamination of food by bacteria or viruses which could have occurred at any time from the supplies arriving at the restaurant to reaching the plate.

    They have tested all food from the restaurant and taken samples from those who have fallen ill, as well as checking all members of staff.

    The HPA is also planning to contact diners who ate at the restaurant between January and February this year when most of the cases were reported, even if they had not felt unwell afterwards.


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