Forget room service, this hotel has a number you can call for bedtime stories

You can now dial someone to have them read you a story on holiday because... Reasons.

Bedtime story phone hotel normal.jpg
Bedtime story phone hotel normal.jpg

You can now dial someone to have them read you a story on holiday because... Reasons.

There is now a hotel that offers a 'bedtime story' service... And it is EXACTLY what you think it is.

A picture of a very colourful phone has been doing the rounds on the internet because of its simple yet effective instructions to 'Dial 68 for Bedtime Stories'.

Yes, you read that right - bedtime stories.

The photo was snapped by a man going by the moniker, ToxicSteve13, who originally posted the photo on Reddit while staying at a hotel in Arizona

Steve explained that he found the unique instructions at the Marriott owned MOXY Phoenix Tempe hotel, and was shocked to see the service on offer.

So, was it for real or a really cruel joke taunting our inner readers?

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What happened when he dialed the bedtime story hotline? A disappointment, that's what.

He wrote that the hotel doesn't even offer the service yet: '‘I called and it said “OH! Someone must have had writer’s block because we don’t have a story for you” basically a huge disappointment.'

What's worse? The answer wasn't even a real person, instead it was a recorded message saying that the service for bedtime stories was 'coming soon'. What a tease.

Still, we can't help but wonder how great it would be to lounge in your PJs, call someone up, put them on speaker and listen to the words of Jane Austen as we're lulled into sleep.

And judging by the reaction on the internet, we are not alone.


Described as a 'vibrant urban oasis' on the official site, Steve also explained that the hotel was 'Marriott's newest brand geared towards millenials'.

That means in addition to the 'bedtime story' phone, each room had their own guitar, Netflix and a phonograph with half a dozen records on it. Of course.

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