This is the most common dream that Brits have - and if you can relate, this is what it means


Dreams - and what they might mean - have long fascinated humans. Whether it's why we have recurring dreams or what they might be trying to tell us about ourselves and our lives, it's likely that you've woken up from a vivid snooze and Googled exactly why your subconscious had you standing at the bus stop in your underwear or getting on stage before realising you have no voice.

But it turns out that some subject matters are more common than others when it comes to our dreams, and in the UK there's one in particular that most of us have.

Can you guess?

Well, according to research by, we're a nation searching for answers about why you dream of your teeth falling out. Whether they're crumbling in your mouth or - rather terrifyingly - just dropping straight out, it seems that the odd but very common dream gets more than 41,000 searches on Google every month.

But it's not unusual for people the world over to wonder what dreaming of your teeth falling out means. Apparently, it's also the most common dream in 16 other countries - including Australia, Canada and the US - and is the second most searched dream in the world.

So, what exactly does it mean? Surely if we're all imagining ourselves losing teeth whenever we get some shut eye it means something - right?

According to, it's a dream that has been documented since the second century AD and can signify loss, anxiety and stress, and disempowerment or loss of control.

One study by the University of Colorado found that people who had this dream 'were significantly more anxious and depressed, had lower ego strength, were less satisfied with their lives, felt they had less control over their lives, and felt helpless more often than the control subjects who dreamt of flight.'

So if you can relate to this dream - now you know!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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