Why millennial brides can’t switch off on their wedding day

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  • Sad times

    I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I banned phones during my wedding ceremony. I wanted people to actually see me walk down the aisle rather than through a lens (admittedly a tad narcissistic) and take in the vows.

    We didn’t have a wedding hashtag, and I made a point of not looking at my phone all day, let alone share a #ootd on Instagram. Why? Because it’s difficult enough trying to take it all in without losing your attention to social media. Trust me, nothing goes as quickly as your wedding day.

    So I was a bit shocked to find out that 84% of millennial brides are using social media on their wedding day, according to a survey by Onbuy.com. That’s quite a lot.

    And like many current issues like housing for first time buyers, and bad spending habits, it affects millennials.

    19% of brides admitted to using their phones during their wedding party, and a major 64% requested guests use a wedding hashtag to upload pics on Instagram – versus only 7% of people who request their wedding to be un-plugged.

    The 837 brides polled they also admitted to using social media in the run-up to the big day too, which to be fair is actually quite normal. Where else do you get inspiration but Pinterest?

    Of course, it all starts on Facebook when you share the big news: 78% announce their engagement on social media within 24 hours, whilst a further 11% share it digitally within a week.

    Then comes the planning, with 67% of women admitting they had a Pinterest board even before they were engaged.

    But unfortunately, there’s a flip side to it. We know social media apps can affect your mental health, and brides-to-be are no exception, with 42% claiming seeing other brides’ wedding pics makes them feel anxious about their own.

    So what’s the solution? Following a digital etiquette, according to OnBuy.com

    1. As a wedding guest, be sure to check that the bride and groom have not requested an unplugged wedding.
    2. Do not post a photo of the bride under ANY circumstance before the wedding starts.
    3. As long as the tipsy best man’s speech may be, be sure not to be tempted to scroll though social media whilst they are talking. 
    4. Gained 247 likes on your new engaged relationship status? Do not feel you must invite them all to your wedding.
    5. Keep your wedding hashtag short and sweet.
    6. As a bride or groom, put your phone away on the special day. With all your family and friends around you, you don’t need to be worried about liking ex colleague Jane’s latest pictures form Tenerife.
    7. If you are feeling anxious for your big day, do not compare yours to other people’s wedding uploads – envy is your worst enemy.
    8. Embrace it! From the Pinterest board planning, to the photos afterwards, social media may help capture the memories that wedding planners and photographers might not.

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