Have we gone sex mad? Meet the writer of the new Fifty Shades of Grey

We met up with Sylvia Day to find out why the nation seems to have gone sex mad this summer!

Bared to you cover
Bared to you cover
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We met up with Sylvia Day to find out why the nation seems to have gone sex mad this summer!

Following in the hugely successful wake left by erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You is tipped to be the next big thing, having sold 50,000 copies in Britain in its first week.

We met up with the 39-year-old author, Sylvia Day, who penned the book, about the emotionally charged relationship between advertising executives Eva and Gideon, to find out why we all seem to have gone sex-mad this summer.

Why have we all gone mad for sex and where will it all end? I will confess - I smile at those who are surprised that women enjoy reading erotic fiction. It’s a secret and knowing smile. Why? Because I’ve been writing erotic romance for nearly a decade. Many of my friends are writers of erotic fiction and most are New York Times bestsellers like myself. Women have been reading sexy stories for many years, in large enough numbers to ensure that it’s the rare week when an erotic title isn’t on the bestsellers lists in the US. But the media didn’t know that.

CHANNEL YOUR INNER SEDUCTRESS! Were we all thinking about sex all the time but not sharing?

Once the news caught on, women who’d given up reading were alerted to the fact that erotic fiction had been staples in the lives of their friends and coworkers for a while. Continuing media coverage kept the discussion going, opening the door to talking about sex and sexy stories as part of casual conversation. Mainstream retailers, such as grocery stores and sundry shops, opened shelf space to reach that previously unknown demographic, which makes it even easier to find the books that entertain and excite us. Is there something going on with women's sexuality that we haven't known until now?

There’s nothing new or unexpected about women reading erotic stories - we’ve been doing it for ages. But we’re busy; our precious time is spent juggling work and households. As with anything, make it convenient to buy what we want and we’ll take you up on it. It’s just that simple.

What do you think about the latest craze for erotic literature? Are you a fan of a raunchy book? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. BARED TO YOU BY SYLVIA DAY



Bared To You by Sylvia Day, Michael Joseph, PB, £7.99, out now.

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