Channel your inner seductress – Fifty Shades style

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  • Been inspired by Fifty Shades and on the hunt for your own Mr Grey? Here are five tips you can learn from Anastasia on capturing the interest of your ideal man - dominant or not

    Been inspired by Fifty Shades and on the hunt for your own Mr Grey? Here are five tips you can learn from Anastasia on capturing the interest of your ideal man – dominant or not…

    You have to give Ana credit, even when she’s not entirely sure what she wants herself, she is able to articulate what she’s feeling to her would-be beau (even if she does change her mind every few chapters).

    Being open and honest about your feelings encourages menfolk to do the same. Most like an easy life and being up-front about what you want negates the need for them to try and work out what you mean – because you’re meaning what you say!
    Be yourself
    Both in terms of style and personality, be unashamed and open about who you are and what you like. Whether you’re most comfortable in Ana-style jeans and Converse or the latest on-trend summer dresses, embrace your style and wear clothes that make you feel good – unknowingly you’ll give off a self assurance which will help make you irresistible.

    Confidence is attractive – and feeling good is a key part of that. Even if you still feel a little nervous, it should help pique his interest!



    Be curious
    It needn’t be an inquisition (or interview), but asking questions – and importantly listening to the answers – is one of the most obvious ways to show someone you’re interested in them.

    Brownie points if you end up finding things in common you can talk about at length.
    Be aware of your body language
    Show you’re interested in what he’s saying by subtly leaning towards him as he talks, mirroring his body language – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. Even if you aren’t responding directly to what he’s saying at a given moment, give non-verbal signals by nodding or smiling at what he’s saying.

    Remember the power of flirty non-verbal signals – if you’re playing with your hair (to bare your neck) or licking your lips after you take a sip of your drink you’re giving him unspoken hint that you’re interested in taking things further.

    Make eye contact too – it doesn’t need to feel like a staring competition, but looking at him and smiling works wonders. It’s that simple. If you’re going for true Anastasia style, lip biting is of course an option too.

    Use the element of surprise
    When you’re ready to make your move do something to blow his mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean jumping on him, you can be more subtle!

    Never underestimate the power of talking about what you want or enjoy sexually, obliquely is fine – think more to the flirty/erotic end of the spectrum than the gynaecological.

    Being able to articulate what you want that way – in whatever level of explicitness you’re comfortable with – will leave his throat dry. If you’re unable to flirt in person that way without blushing, then send him a text or an email to make his mind wander. BlackBerry optional.
    * Sophie Morgan is a journalist and author. Her book The Diary of a Submissive is published by Penguin and out now on Kindle / iTunes and available in paperback from 30th August. It has been described as ‘the real life Fifty Shades of Grey’, although Sophie would like to point out she doesn’t bite her lip and would get Silence of the Lambs flashbacks if a strange man offered to show her his red room of pain…

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