The founder of #MeToo has set up a new hashtag that you're going to want to get behind

Me too

The #MeToo movement was a watershed moment for women, rippling across the world and changing history in a way that few campaigns can.

And while the high profile figures who spearheaded the movement are well-known, someone who doesn’t get as much credit as she should is the hashtag’s founder, Tarana Burke.

‘If you are ready to change the world, if you are ready to join this movement, if you are ready to do the work that’s necessary to end sexual violence, I can only leave you with these two words: Me too,’ the 46-year-old civil rights activist famously announced.

Now, Tarana has created a new spin-off hashtag, and unsurprisingly it already has a huge following.

Introducing #MeTooVoter - a hashtag determined to mobilise voters ahead of the 2020 US elections and pushing for sexual violence and harassment to be part of the discussions and debates on the campaign trails, something that is yet to happen.

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This is something that Tarana and her new movement aims to change, with the founder writing in an essay for Time, ‘Candidates have a responsibility to address the rampant sexual violence that permeates all of society’s systems and structures, including government.’

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‘#MeTooVoter means you pledge to lift up the #MeToo framework and demand policy, legal, and cultural change. It is the first step of a new era in our movement,’ read a tweet from the new movement.

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‘October marks the 2nd anniversary of the #MeToo hashtag & the start of a monumental shift,’ Tarana posted to her Twitter. ‘It rose awareness, but we demand more. I wrote this op-ed for @TIME in light of the upcoming #DemDebate. We are voting for accountability in 2020. #MeTooVoter’

Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

Jenny Proudfoot
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