#KoalaComeback is the powerful bushfire campaign you need to get behind

Photographer David Yarrow has launched a gripping new initiative to save koalas impacted by the Australian wildfires

Photographer David Yarrow has launched a gripping new initiative to save koalas impacted by the Australian wildfires

As bushfires continue to blaze their devastatingly destructive trail across Australia, as many as 32 people have lost their lives, 2,000 homes have been destroyed and more than a billion animals are believed to have perished.

With the crisis showing no signs of ceasing, charities worldwide have launched a wave of campaigns aimed at helping victims, humans and wildlife alike.

The latest effort comes from British photographer David Yarrow, whose #KoalaComeback initiative aims to raise $2 million for WildArk and Earth Alliance's Australia Wildfire fund.

The concept is a simple yet moving one: Yarrow is using the devastating photos he captured during a recent trip to Australia to build his campaign, in the hope that the images will encourage people to donate to support local organisations working on wildlife rehabilitation and habitat restoration.

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So far, the initiative has received endorsement from the likes of Leo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Tom Hardy and Chris Hemsworth.

The celebrities are taking to social media to share the most powerful image from Yarrow's portfolio, of a lone koala sitting helplessly at the base of a tree. Aptly named 'Survivor', the emotive shot forms the holding image of Yarrow's campaign.

Every donor to the initiative will receive a digital print of the same image, which they are encouraged to share on their own profiles to help the campaign go viral.

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'The day in Australia when I saw 500 dead animals for every live one will remain with me forever', said Yarrow, discussing the inspiration behind sharing his photography on such a wide scale.

'This is a call to arms and we are blessed with a celebrated army of passionate conservationists.'

Discussing the impact of 'Survivor', Yarrow said: 'I hope that this photograph will become known and emblematic of a period in time when we all became aware of our planet's deep fragility - and that it can help us raise money to make a difference.'

Become a 'Koala Hero' by lending your support to the #KoalaComeback Campaign today.

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