Kate Middleton has a close royal family member to help her with shopping decisions

These two!

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These two!

The Duchess of Cambridge has a very strong influence, known as the Kate Middleton effect, whereby her royal seal of approval can make pieces sell out in minutes and turn small British businesses into internationally renowned brands.

Yes, Kate is undoubtedly a fashion icon, but with every brand out there desperate for her to wear their clothes, how does she choose?

It emerged recently that the Duchess gets a helping hand from a very close member of the royal family, Sophie Wessex.

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is married to Prince Edward, and known to be not only the Queen's favourite daughter-in-law, but also particularly close with Kate, with just one of the reasons being their similar taste in clothes.

Years ago, it was even revealed that Sophie often buys two of the same piece of clothing because she knows that Kate will want one too.

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Designer Dona Ida broke the news, after telling Daily Mail's diarist, Sebastian Shakespeare that Sophie often buys clothes for Kate.

'My friend, a stylist, is best friends with Sophie Wessex, and Sophie buys from us,' the designer explained. 'She got our black Sadie jumpsuit for herself and then asked for one for Kate. She said: "Kate wants one, can I get one as well?’"'

Before you wonder if you have seen this jumpsuit before, the designer did add: 'Kate’s never been seen wearing it in public. It’s home-wear.'

We love this friendship.

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