This is the real reason why Kate Middleton takes her children's official photographs

You might not believe this one...

You might not believe this one...

There's a specific reason why Kate Middleton takes all the official photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It's not because she's being protective over her children, or trying to give them a normal childhood, it's for a very different reason apparently.

Thanks to yesterday's Prince Philip announcement, everyone is talking about the royals. In fact, it's been quite a week for them after Princess Charlotte turned two and the Duchess of Cambridge's photo of her was printed across every newspaper front page.

It is pretty damn cute...

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And just when you thought Kate's photographs were a sign of her enthusiasm for the craft, Gina Jones from Bumpkins (The Baby Show's experts in baby photography) tells The Daily Mail why she thinks Kate takes all of her children's photographs herself.

Why, you ask?

Apparently it's to be 'resourceful with money.'

'It shows how modern Kate and William are by being more accessible and having a hands on approach. It also shows that they are resourceful with money as you often see Kate in high street fashion and sometimes repeating outfits and so by taking her own photos this again shows how she is savvy with money.'

Well, a bargain is a bargain.

Delphine Chui