Revealed: How To Make (Lots Of) Money From Your Instagram Posts

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  • Who knew it was as easy as this?

    Over the last couple of weeks, the reality behind Instagram stars and how they make their money has been thrown into the spotlight thanks to Essena O’Neill, who revealed she was paid a huge amount to post certain pictures by brands who wanted her fans to see them.

    And you might have thought that with your measly 313, or 3,113, or even 31,113 followers, you were miles off her hundreds of thousands – but actually, there’s a way you can make money with your Instagram too.

    A new app, Takumi, promises to make you money through sponsored posts – even if you only have 1,000 followers. Amazing! (But how do we get up to 1,000, O Instagram Gods?)

    The app, which is exclusively for those with 1,000 followers or more, guarantees at least £40 per posted photo, with significant payouts due for those with larger accounts. It gives Instagrammers the chance to talk to brands directly, and only you can choose who to work with.

    This means that with 1,000 followers, you could earn over £4,000 a year if you posted just twice a week – and if you’re lucky enough to have over 100,000 followers, you could earn a whopping £150,000 a year.

    Get us on board, please. When Instagramming your avocado sarnie and mango smoothie brings in this kind of cash, who needs a day job?

    However, it’s worth bearing in mind Essena’s message – likes and followers and social media approval doesn’t make you happy. We think £150,000 would help us on the way, though.

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