Don’t Panic (Yet) But We Might Be Facing A National Gin Shortage...

Our beloved G&T is at serious risk…


Our beloved G&T is at serious risk…

Remember earlier this year when summer was nearly ruined by the news that Prosecco stocks were running low? Well, a new report suggests a similar crisis regarding gin is coming our way this winter, too.

Yep, a new study has found that gin stocks are running low. And the reason why one of our favourite tipples is at risk, is all down to a shortage of the juniper berries which are used to make it.

The study, from Plantlife, has found that the status of the juniper plant crop is at a “critical state”. The poor juniper berry has been attacked by the spread of a deadly fungal disease, and is facing being wiped out completely. And Scotland - the UK’s primary juniper berry-producing region - has found that a third of its crop is not fit for use this season.

Not to put too dramatic-a-spin on it but to say that we’re devastated at

the prospect of gin-less evenings, might not be too much of an

exaggeration. (Well...)

However, this isn't the first time that juniper berry crops have been under threat. Surveys since 2004 have found that juniper berry crops are in decline and in 2014, 79% of the berry's bushes recorded were either mature, old or dead and 63% of bushes were found to be brown (a sign of bad health), a previous report found. Whilst the disease has also reportedly affected Argentinian juniper berry crops, scientists do not know how the disease ended up in the UK.

Deborah Long, head of Plantlife Scotland, said. 'We know juniper populations are struggling, but they now face an additional threat. We need to ensure juniper has a future.'

So does this mean we should be panic-buying gin by the bucket load? Not yet. The majority of gin producers actually source their juniper berries from other European countries so you will still be able to get your hands on the stuff.

...We reckon we might stock up just in case, though...

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