Get hitched in London - Vegas style!

A pop-up Vegas chapel is running in Shoreditch until Tuesday

Vegas chapel
Vegas chapel
(Image credit: REX)

A pop-up Vegas chapel is running in Shoreditch until Tuesday

A pop-up chapel in Shoreditch is offering the chance for couples to get spontaneously hitched - Vegas style.

The chapel, based on the iconic Little White Chapel in Vegas (pictured), has been created for the launch of YPlan, a new going out app.

It is located in the trendy Boxpark, located near Shoreditch High Street overground station.

One couple even got married on the way home from buying a takeaway. Mylin and Don Richard were on their way home from buying Thai food when they saw the chapel.

Mylin said: 'We thought we should be spontaenous and it looked like fun, we were already engaged so thought why not,' said Mylin.

 'I wasn't as dressed up as I wanted to be, I wish I'd had more make-up on but it was good fun. I haven't told my parents yet.'

More organised couples can book a 20-minute slot using the app.

YPlan came up with the idea for the chapel after a poll revealed 80 per cent of Britons would be willing to marry someone they'd only just met.

London was placed at number six in the rankings of the world's most spontaneous cities, behind Rio, Paris and Las Vegas.

YPlan's founder Rytis Vitkauskassays: 'The YPlan app gives Londoners the chance to be more spontaneous, with tickets to up to 10 of the coolest events in London that night in just two taps.

'What better way to celebrate its launch than by bringing a taste of the world's most spontaneous city to the City?'


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