Hate Slow Pavement Walkers? Then You Will Absolutely Love This

We're fully in favour of the fast pedestrian lane

We're fully in favour of the fast pedestrian lane

If you are one of those people who practically screams in frustration every time a tourist slowly dawdles in front of you while you're trying to get to work, this news will make you rejoice.

Fast walking lanes are currently being trialled in Liverpool, in the shopping area of St Johns street, after a study by Argos found that 47% of Britons find slow walking the most irritating aspect of high-street shopping.

The high-speed pedestrian lanes will allow shoppers to zoom to their favourite stores without the inevitable sensation of rage experienced through other shoppers' lack of urgency.

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It seems that younger people are more impatient when it comes to slow walkers, as the idea of fast lanes was deemed to be great by 69% of 16-24 year olds, but only 37% of over-55s thought it was a good idea.

The most popular reason for backing fast lanes was to avoid time-wasting, of course, while the study also showed that 31% of shoppers got aggravated by people blocking the pavement, with a further 18% reporting they felt frustrated by shoppers stopping to check their phones.

What do you think of the idea? Should we all just chill out and let people walk at their own pace - or will this give slow walkers the reality check they need? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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