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The Instagram account SATC fans need to follow

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  • It’s hilarious

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Sex and the City here at Marie Claire. From finding out how the show was really meant to start, to charting Charlotte’s best outfits, we do love a walk down SATC memory lane.

    And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to love this hilarious Instagram account, courtesy of Dan Clay, aka Carrie Dragshaw.

    In a city as big as New York, we have more than one of everything. Two baseball teams. Two ballet companies. And three newspapers–each with different readers. Journal readers go to conferences, Times readers go to benefits, and Post readers go to bed with you. And they all wanted to go to Augustine. At the corner of "See" and "Be Seen," Augustine was the Manhattan restaurant of the moment, and since Samantha was running PR for their soft opening we had a hard-to-get table for four. And we had something to celebrate: that magical moment in girl friends' lives when you're all single at the same time. But as I made my way to our overdressed and undersexed table, I couldn't help but wonder: were we like that hot reservation that everyone wanted but no one could get? Or were we that old has-been restaurant that everyone forgot? Extra! Extra! Four single women! Were we hot off the presses or yesterday's news? Whatever we were, we'd be it together. #carriedragshaw

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    As you might have guessed from the name, it basically involves Dan recreating all of Carrie’s most famous outfits from the show and the movies.

    There’s no better city in the world than New York in the spring. Long lazy picnics in Central Park, farmer’s market pretzels in Union Square, freshly planted tulips on Park Avenue. And as flowers bloom, fashion blossoms. Daisies & Dior. Lilies & Lanvin. Gladiolus & Galliano. As I looked at all the flowers opening up, I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe I could, too. Maybe I could let my heart out of hibernation and open myself up to love. After all, seasons change. Can people? With a spring in my step, I was frozen no more. And the best part is: When your heart blooms, you don’t even have to stop to smell the roses. The flowers follow you. And that’s just fabulous. Because even a New Yorker needs a little nature. #CarrieDragshaw

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    There’s the tutu of course, as well as the crop top and Gucci bumbag combo and the white dress with oversized flower she wears in the opening scene of the first film.

    They say life's a journey, not a destination. I guess that's why us girls need so many bags. As I stepped into another new relationship, I started thinking about baggage. We all have it. We might try to dress it up in Louis Vuitton luggage or squeeze it into a cute little fanny pack—but even fake Gucci carries real emotions. I couldn't help but wonder: If everyone has baggage, why do we try so hard to hide it? And if we're so comfortable baring our skin, why do we hide our hearts? Maybe true love comes when someone sees it all (even the ugly duffle you hide under your bed) and loves you anyway. Someone who loves you more the more they see. Who sees you when you’re scared, anxious, angry, or even just sad, and sticks around to make sure you learn to love your authentic self and never try to be anything else. To make sure you love you as much as they do. And to make sure your shoes always, always match your baggage. #CarrieDragshaw _______________________ Let’s spread a little love today. Tag your besties—the ones whose baggage matches yours—and tell them how much you love them. ? CD&DC

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    He’s also pretty savvy at Photoshopping himself in scenes from the show. We particularly like this one of him eating a cupcake with Miranda.

    Dan only had 80 followers when he first dressed up as Carrie for Halloween last year, and he now has 44.3k and counting.

    We think Carrie would approve.

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