charlotte sex and the city outfits

Why Charlotte was the real Sex and the City style queen

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  • Sorry Carrie

    Carrie Bradshaw was arguably the main attraction in Sex And The City, with her designer heels and statement outfits. But if we’re honest, we think her style was too OTT on more than one occasion – we’re still waiting on an explanation for the whole flat cap and belt across the midriff scenario.

    Of course, you also had Samantha and her flamboyant power suits, and Miranda with her tailored dresses and androgynous outfits. And then you had Charlotte York, the mostly underrated one of the group.

    Why underrated? Well, because of her prim persona and matching outfits, she was often considered boring compared to the others. Gross mistake in our opinion. Sure, her wardrobe was very classic, but that’s precisely why it will stand the test of time, which can’t be said for the others.

    She knew her classics too, always looking impeccable in DVF wrap dresses, Chanel suits and designer accessories. But that’s not to say her looks were boring, far from it, she could also be playful with fun prints, bows and bright colours.

    And just in case you needed more proof, here are 13 outfits that prove Charlotte York Goldenblatt was the true SATC style queen.

    This strapless floral number

    Mixing lace and floral embroidery, a timeless spring piece that will never go out of style.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The black bridesmaids dress

    Who would’ve thought Charlotte would be bold enough to wear black to a wedding, especially as a bridesmaid? It’s so elegant, we love it. And it made the whole showdown with Big even more dramatic.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The pink suit

    Pure power dressing perfection. And that Dior bag.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The swimsuit

    The strapless swimsuit, paired with oversized white sunglasses, is poolside chic at its best. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Charlotte York Goldenblatt does not sweat.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The Tiffany dress

    A blue bow dress is just what you wear to sell your Tiffany engagement ring, don’t you agree?

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The green ruffle dress

    A little out there for Charlotte, we agree, but it looks fabulously over the top.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The travelling dress

    No one travels in style quite like Charlotte York. From the Dior clutch and Vuitton case to the Cartier jewellery, there’s nothing cheap about this outfit.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The classic trench

    Charlotte is definitely a fan of the classics, and this Burberry trench is no exception.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The pregnancy dress

    For yet another showdown with Big, Charlotte wore a stylish polka dot dress with a pink mac, which made pregnancy style a breeze.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The Liz Taylor dress

    After suffering a miscarriage and mourning at home, Charlotte decided to draw strength from her icon Elizabeth Taylor (who went through the same situation) and step out in this elegant dress.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The corset dress

    Charlotte’s signature style features a lot of bows and halter necks, but she updated it in the second film with this modern take on corsets.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The headband

    Charlotte was doing the headband and pearl necklace combo way before Blair Waldorf.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    The wedding dresses

    Charlotte walked down the aisle twice and naturally looked amazing each time. For her first wedding to Trey, she wore a classic strapless Vera Wang ballgown, but we have a slight preference for the beaded Badgley Mischka dress she wore to wed Harry.

    charlotte sex and the city outfits

    We think we’ve proved our point, don’t you?

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