If you wear OTT clothes it means you’re jealous

Apparently the way you or your partner dresses may be bad for your relationship…

(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

Apparently the way you or your partner dresses may be bad for your relationship…

Words by Penny Goldstone

Do you always reach for the statement skirt in the morning? Or perhaps your partner likes a loud print shirt? Well we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but it might mean your relationship is at risk.

Let us explain. A new study by researcher Xun Huang found that partners who dress in attention-grabbing clothes may be doing so because they’re jealous. And we all know jealousy is not good.

As part of the study, Xun Huang ran five social, or rather shopping, experiments. People were asked to pick certain products, including sunglasses, handbags and coats.

Those who had experienced jealousy before, instinctively chose the more flamboyant items, such as a handbag with a big designer logo on it, or eye-catching sunglasses.

This is because they wanted to get the attention of their partners, even if it meant being socially inappropriate, i.e. wearing ridiculous sunnies to a work event.

The research found that, ‘when individuals feel that their romantic partner’s attention to them is being usurped, they could use several strategies in an attempt to remedy this situation’ - such as going for a more OTT look.

So next time you or your partner wears neon to the office, it might be time for a quick relationship MOT. Or wardrobe update.

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