Facebook’s Most Asked Interview Question Is Tough

How would you answer?

Facebook likes
Facebook likes
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How would you answer?

Facebook is regarded as one of the most desirable places to work in the world. It’s a pioneering, globally influential brand with 13,000 employees and counting, across more than 64 international offices.

Plus, at Facebook HQ you can mount the on-site climbing wall between meetings and hold ping pong tournaments at lunch (excuse us while we have a little wail about our own workplace where we have to make our own fun with paper and computer cables).

Facebook is all about promoting a working culture that brings out the best in all its employees, so they can deliver the best service to users.

This means that when it comes to selecting people to join the team the approach is rigorous and designed to dig deep.

And now Miranda Kalinowski, Facebook's global head of recruiting, has revealed to Business Insider that this is a favourite question asked during the Facebook interview process:

"On your very best day at work — the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world — what did you do that day?"

It’s the kind of question that gives your brain a workout. It seems straightforward but it’s actually pretty loaded.

Essentially, it frames the question, ‘what makes you feel fulfilled?’ in a professional context.

The question is constructed to determine whether the candidate shares the company’s ethos. FYI, Facebook’s mission statement is: ‘to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.’

So we’re guessing that if you’re answer didn’t convey a passion for social interaction or mention the people you had collaborated with that day, red flags might be raised.

The question gives potential employees the opportunity to reveal what they are passionate about.

Another tip Kalinowski offered is to prepare for a Facebook interview by reflecting on what you do when you loose track of time at work. What do you find utterly absorbing?

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