The next phase of the Elizabeth Line is coming sooner than we thought

The Lizzy Line is getting another upgrade...

When will the Elizabeth Line open?
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The Lizzy Line is getting another upgrade...

The Elizabeth Line changed the lives of commuters forever when it finally opened following years of delays.

First, the Queen made a stylish outing to open the new line, then fans queued overnight to be the first to try out the new line.

Since the Elizabeth line transformed the London underground for the better, everyone has been wondering when the Paddington and Liverpool street terminations will be over.

Well, commuters will not have to wait much longer.

The Elizabeth Line

When will the Elizabeth Line link up? 

It is the moment commuters have been waiting for. Since its grand opening, the line has been running at a reduced service.

Services from Heathrow and Reading terminate at Paddington, with commuters having to change to continue their journey. Commuters from the East have to change at Liverpool Street. But with the new phase finally, in motion, both of these will now link up, meaning commuters can travel straight through central London.

The date for the lines to link up has been looming, and finally, it has been revealed from 6th November the Lizzy line will link up.

Also marking the day the line will fully operate seven days a week.

Where did the name come from?

The Crossrail line was renamed the Elizabeth Line back in 2016, in honour of The Queen.

Did you know? HRH was the first reigning monarch to travel on the London underground in 1969. So it is only right the line is purple is named in her honour. 

So naturally, on the morning of its grand opening fans wore masks of the Queen to celebrate.

Elizabeth Line

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The line has been labelled revolutionary as it spans 60 miles from Reading to Shenfield.

Since its opening, 11 million journeys have taken place.

In just the central section alone, more than a million journeys were taken during the first 5 days of it's opening.

In the lead-up to the Platinum Jubilee weekend, the best memorabilia has been selling out quicker than we can keep up with, and the Elizabeth Line is no different.

A new Elizabeth Line shop opened at Paddington station, stocking everything from socks to cushions, and the bag featuring the Elizabeth Line chair pattern is just one of the products already out of stock.

But for many train enthusiasts, the Limited Edition Elizabeth Line oyster card which was handed out to travellers for free only on it's opening day, is apparently the most important piece of memorabilia, with some being re-sold on eBay for £300.

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan has described the number of journeys as a "roaring success" and is "blown away" by the new line that is "fit for a Queen."

Howard Smith, TfL's director of the Elizabeth line, says the service has received "a great reception" and "It is already having a transformative impact on local businesses and opening up access to new areas of London."

Elizabeth Line stations

It serves 41 stations, including:

  • Paddington
  • Bond Street
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Farringdon
  • Liverpool Street
  • Whitechapel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Custom House
  • Woolwich

Bond Street station is yet to be completed and will not make a stop there until it has had it's Lizzy Line make over. The stations are transformed with arched ceilings and a lot more space. Compared to what feels like the very old and regular stations, the bigger space is needed as each new Lizzy line train can hold up to 1,500 passengers.

Elizabeth Line

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The Elizabeth Line Crossrail map

In case you haven't seen it, here is the new purple line map.

When is the Elizabeth Line opening?

We will continue to update this story.

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